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Андрей_Off [06.11.2008 10:14]
Очень интересно почитать мнения людей, которые голосовали впервые. Понравилось, как один человек описал свой выбор.
Андрей_Off [06.11.2008 10:14]
Tonight I voted for the first time. I was nervous, very nervous in fact. I felt as if I was truly free for the first time in my life. I felt that I was contributing more to my future than ever before. I stood in line for 15 minutes as a mother and her son talked between themselves and the boy kept twisting his loose tooth. I read over the issues as I slowly moved forward in line. "Act 1 on banning Gay couples and single people from adopting?"Against. "State Lottery?" For. "President of the United states?" That's what I came here for. I was staring down the future of my Nation. This is big...not to be taken lightly by anyone. I got my ballot and filled it out with the numerous dots of my opinion. This was what I spent two year of my life studying up for. Spending so much of my life in the opinions of others until I came to my own after my research between my senior year of High School and my College years. It was too much to ignore. I was no longer going to stand for a conservative president anymore. I wanted [skip]
Андрей_Off [06.11.2008 10:15]
We deserve so much more, and I was not alone. I feel like my research was not in vain. Now I admit Barack Obama is not everything I hope for, but it is the step towards a world that is no longer in the shadow of my Grandfather's and the "Great generation." No this is my nation now and it is the nation I love and I want to see us healthier, more intelligent, cleaner, and hopeful. The world I hoped for is one where no child is left in the street and in the orphanage. Where everyone can see truth and discover it easier. I want the artist to be able to open up in a new way. I want to see corporations losing their absolute grip over us. To see my family and friends will no longer die in a war not worth fighting and which is in place only to held the corporations I hate so much that care nothing for the lives of others. Tonight is where the existential crisis of the nation will finally begin to ease away. To hope all of this from Obama is silly, but I can now see a nation ready for the hope I wish to see one day. A[skip]
Андрей_Off [06.11.2008 10:16]
As said before, this is only one step and it showed me so much.
However, my state did not side with me and my opinions, but my nation did. So what, I fought an uphill battle in my state. I lost the battle but we all won the war. But I'm not saying hate those who voted against Obama. No, praise them for acting out int he rights we all share. For truly showing what real freedom is. I have to say something to those who could have voted and did not. Sure you have full right to not vote, but why not give that vote to someone who does share your opinion rather than waste it? Anyway, tonight I voted for the first time, and I am proud of the country tonight for voting for the man who can truly help this nation and start turning the wheels of a new America.
Андрей_Off [06.11.2008 10:17]
All I can say at this point is thank you tom all who voted. not just for the Obama voters, but to all who showed this nation that teenagers are not lazy bums and will stand up for what they believe is true. For Obama supporters, stop hating on republicans and the same goes to those who support McCain. lets no longer bicker and step up to our new nation. Let us work together. Let us bring justice. Let us destroy our own oppression of money and greed. Let us bring hope to all Americans and the world, not will bullets, but with caring and understanding. This is it...I'm done talking about this and my heart can finally settle This is it...hope is at hand.
Chase (Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States)